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Bangladesh Society for Pediatric Infectious Disease


Bangladesh Society for Paediatric Infectious Disease (BSPID) is a non-government, non-profitable, non-political, voluntary & charitable organization. This society is engaged to promote the knowledge and expertise among the paediatricians, paediatric surgeons & general practitioners involved in pediatric practice in Bangladesh & thus to raise the standard of paediatric infectious diseases services.

The society has co-operation & communications with national & International organizations in the field of paediatric infectious diseases. The society is affiliated with world society of paediatric infectious diseases (WSPID) & European society for paediatric infectious diseases (ESPID) & Asian Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ASPID).

The BSPID organized international conference, CME & training programs for the members of the society. The society also create awareness in the society to prevent spread of infections as well as environmental pollution.

BSPID is open to graduate physicians, doctoral level scientists, paramedics & nurses trained in paediatric infectious diseases & who are identified with the discipline of paediatric infectious diseases or its related activities. Membership is restricted by nationality (Bangladesh) but not residence, place of birth, creed, age or disability. Candidates applied for membership must satisfied a board of three members on the Executive Committee to explain the interest & experience in their field. Final approval of membership will be decided by the Executive Committee.


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